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I intend to sharing most all of the public domain: information: trade secrets and processes for defogging windows so you can make informed decisions.

Most all of the processes and methods are now in the public domain and there remain a number of companies still trying to profit from the work originally done by Crystal Clear Window Works Canada.

At one point in time Crystal Clear Window Works Canada was the only company who had secured and developed IP rights, trade secrets and designs for the processes and methods of removing moisture from foggy windows. When the process is done properly the system works very effectively - when done by cowboys ... it is little more than a scam.

If you are considering purchasing a dealership, franchise, business system, license, country license or purchase defogging products or training for moisture removal from failed thermal pane windows we can help with due diligence and research.

You should read this site carefully and proceed with caution as there are many scam artists and fraudsters to watch out for and information that you should understand.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Insulated Glass Units deflecting

 Thermal Pane or Double Glazed or Dual Pane or Insulated Glass Units will all fail over time. Barometric changes and fluctuations in temperature create pressure differentials between the inside air space and the atmosphere. These pressure differentials cause the lites of glass to deflect inboard or outboard which in turn creates, over time, a weakness in the glass sealant interface. Eventually ambient air with is residual water vapour will be drawn into the sealed united during its cooling cycle. 


  1. great info.
    tempering comment: when you say "watch out for scams and cowboys" I look for their trail...usually a lot of quickly thrown together, poorly groomed and typo-filled verbiage.
    In the case of the first paragraph above, I see at least three grammatical or spelling errors, sending a negative signal to me.
    Example 1: "lites of glass" do you mean "plates of glass"
    Example 2: "with is residual water" you mean "with its residual"
    Extra comma in line four. Colon usage incorrect in first line which
    reads "public domain: information: "
    I don't mean to be picky, as sometimes home-crafted web sites are an indication of a great idea in the hands of a first-time person without the resources to put together a cosmetically-attractive website to complement the great info presented. But the fact that just in the first paragraph my eye was arrested more than once, reduces the stickyness of your page and makes me move on.

  2. Great Info!

    Not really, the reason sealed units fail are numerous and not restricted to pressure differentials.
    This blogger has limited knowledge of sealed unit manufacturing and even less of installation types and fitting techniques.

    The reason why most sealed units fail prematurely is due to incorrect fitting, holes in the sealant or faulty drainage.

    You should spend some time in the double glazing industry before trying to make out you know anything about it.

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  4. I want to know which kind of windows are best? Double glazing or triple glazing?

  5. Triple glazed for certain should one be able to afford them.

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