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I intend to sharing most all of the public domain: information: trade secrets and processes for defogging windows so you can make informed decisions.

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At one point in time Crystal Clear Window Works Canada was the only company who had secured and developed IP rights, trade secrets and designs for the processes and methods of removing moisture from foggy windows. When the process is done properly the system works very effectively - when done by cowboys ... it is little more than a scam.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Drilling window glass to remove moisture and fog ... what is the best tool

Inexpensive battery operated rotary tools provide the best results for drilling through clear glass lites of glass. Rotary tools from Dremel, owned by Bosch, Black and Decker, Sears Craftsmen all produce the same results. Use a 4mm diamond burr or drum bit, run the rotary tool at near maximum rpm and with a steady hand begin to carve a cresent shaped groove to steady the dremel as you drill through the glass. Note; YOU CANNOT DRILL TEMPERED GLASS WITH THIS METHOD


  1. Yeah, drilling window glass is really best option to remove moisture and fog.

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  2. Is there a method or tool that works for tempered glass?

  3. Is there a method or tool that works for tempered glass?

  4. The only tool is a broom and dustpan . but there is away to do tempered units. You deglaze them and drill through the seal and between the glass.. You have to use a different type of valve though. I used a hydracylilic material and let it stick out through the spacer bar. Expensive and hard to get but I'm smart so i figured it out.

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