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I intend to sharing most all of the public domain: information: trade secrets and processes for defogging windows so you can make informed decisions.

Most all of the processes and methods are now in the public domain and there remain a number of companies still trying to profit from the work originally done by Crystal Clear Window Works Canada.

At one point in time Crystal Clear Window Works Canada was the only company who had secured and developed IP rights, trade secrets and designs for the processes and methods of removing moisture from foggy windows. When the process is done properly the system works very effectively - when done by cowboys ... it is little more than a scam.

If you are considering purchasing a dealership, franchise, business system, license, country license or purchase defogging products or training for moisture removal from failed thermal pane windows we can help with due diligence and research.

You should read this site carefully and proceed with caution as there are many scam artists and fraudsters to watch out for and information that you should understand.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ssshhh - don't tell any one ... secret drying agent - Methyl Hydrate - Methyl Alcohol

Methyl Hydrate

Recochem’s Methyl Hydrate is a 99.9% pure versatile product with so many uses that all hardware and paint departments as well as automotive, camping equipment and general merchandize retailers regularly stock it.
Methyl Hydrate is used for:
  • Thinning shellac
  • Cleaning brushes that have been used with shellac
  • Cleaning windows, when mixed with water
  • Defrosting air line hoses on tractor trailers & commercial vehicles during extreme cold temperatures
  • Fondue fuel
  • Fuel for marine unpressurized alcohol stoves
  • Dissolving gums, resins, and celluloid
Recochem’s Methyl Hydrate is colourless and smokeless when burned. Since it contains methyl alcohol and is flammable, all our containers are clearly marked with poison and flammability warning symbols. Keep out of reach of children.


  1. No Methanol is used in the UK operation.
    Mainly because it does not work properly, and is dangerous to the operators health.

  2. Big time. We used it for a month and stopped. Again why add liquid to something your trying to dry.

    If it needs to be cleaned it needs to be replaced. That's the SHHHH DONT TELL ANYONE!

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